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    LEVIOT humidifier

    We like this humidifier
    because it's easy to re-fill and clean. It also offers a WiFi connection so
    that it reports when the tank is empty and everything can be set via the app.

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  • Lechuza Orchidpon

    This pon comes without
    fertilizer. LECHUZA has designed the substrate ORCHIDPON especially for the noble tropical dwellers, which offers them ideal conditions. It enables a balanced water and air supply, good nutrient storage and a constant pH value.

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  • Kokoserds

    Coconut soil

    With its loose structure,
    coconut soil promotes aeration of the roots and root growth.

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  • Bio char

    Bio chair

    CLIMATE-FRIENDLY: binds CO2 in the long term, made in Germany. Ensures a long-term water depot, without chemical additives.

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  • Pine bark

    Pine bark supports the
    antibacterial and fungicidal effect.
    Serves as moisture storage and absorbs odors without chemical additives

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  • Rice husks

    Rice husks

    Prevents soil from clumping. Perfect for soil improvement. Use Thai Tantee Rice Husk Ash as a soil amendment material to increase soil looseness and prevent dry or overly wet spots in the soil, aiding root respiration and plant growth.

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  • Water filter

    Enjoy pure water: The 5-stage filtration stops 99.99% of bacteria and reduces substances such as lead and copper, while minerals such as magnesium and calcium are retained. Compatible with most standard faucets (5 adapters included, but still sometimes doesn't fit) and can be fitted without tools. To change the filter, simply unscrew the cartridge, pull it out and replace it. Three settings: filtered water (cold), unfiltered tap water and shower mode (unfiltered).

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  • Worm castings

    Perfect for germination, fertilization and yield increase. It is a natural soil builder. Vermicompost is perfect for houseplants. PERFECT FOR INDOOR USE. Worm castings have a neutral, earthy odor, are pleasant to the touch and safe on the hands. Our worm castings are 100% natural. Best quality optimized that contains the best ratio of the macronutrients Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) or NPK.

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  • Pour and spray

    The GLORIA pressure sprayers are ideally suited for plant protection and plant care. The GLORIA AutoPump Set enables permanent spraying without manual pumping. The integrated AutoPump electric pump automatically generates the required operating pressure in the sprayer and automatically adjusts it while you work.

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    We recommend purchasing rechargable batteries on Amazon

    and a digital multiple slot charger

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